Spring 2015 v7

After weeks of minor things being announced, it’s time for an update! This is around the time where I really start to slow down, since mostly the only things left to add are dates.  Anyways, new additions for the main block include two kids shows, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (which has the absolute most adorable main character ever) and Super Short Comics, a series that I can’t even find a synopsis for. Also added a few OVAs / extras I missed the first time and K: Missing Kings to the movie section.

Spring7I lowered the quality a tad to bring it under 3MB, so if you’d like a higher quality version you can grab it right here.

As for me, I’m looking forward to DIgimon, Mikagura Gakuen, Ore Monogatari, Plastic Memories and Sound Euphonium.

Spring v6

I was up early for that Persona 5 trailer today (which looks so good jesus CHRIST) and there were some things to do for spring, so what better way to spend my morning?

Updates: Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold added, OVA/Specials section fixed up (added whether it was an OVA or special, fixed the gloss a bit), added Grisaia and WIXOSS specials, added SNK and Sidonia recap movies, added continuing series from winter.

Spring6Now go watch that P5 trailer while I go watch that P5 trailer for the 20th time.

Spring 2015 v3

Somehow I forgot to add Owari no Seraph when it was one of the first ones I actually edited. Well, with Arslan Senki and Vampire Holmes also not being on the last version here’s an excuse to get a new version out.

Spring3Also, a note on winter: I’d like to release one last version with full episode dates for completionist’s sake, but I dunno when that’ll be.

Spring 2015 V2

For this season, I’m going to try and just put revisions out way quicker and more frequently, which is why there’s a V2 for a season that doesn’t start for 2-3 months a week after the V1. I wonder how high the revision number will go?Spring2I’ll say though, 35 series and it’s not even January yet? Jeez.